The most beautiful garden wedding venue in the southwest

Dreaming of a fairy-tale wedding? I have the perfect venue for you. Nestled in the heart of the southwest you have probably driven passed here many times without realising. For beyond its elderflower hedges lays an enchanted secret garden known affectionately as  ‘The Berry Delightful’.

As the name suggests this place is truly heaven on earth.  Boysenberries and raspberries hang like sparkling jewels off wild rambling vines. Once a commercial berry farm, its now time to roll out the red carpet because this wonderland is now available for hire and provides an event space fit for king and queens.

This magical creation sprouted over 40 years ago when owners Marc and Sarah began a lifetime labour of love. Built with laughter, sweat and tears this delightful garden really is a testament to their undying passion and hard work. The sheer magic of it will actually blow one’s mind. 

Keen and thrifty Marc has collected the most unusual and quirky statement pieces from auctions and the likes over the years.  As you enter the property you pass a rendered breeze block creation with succulents growing out of it and enter into the serene and quirky courtyard full of mosaic tile art. This part of the garden reminds me of the inspiring Hundertwasserhaus  in Vienna . Angel statues lounge next to a bubbling water feature under lush shade trees that keep you cool on even the hottest of afternoons. A favourite part for me is the giant totem pole in the centre with beautiful dragons dancing up it – this beauty Marc said he scored from an old Chinese Restaurant demolition.

The Berry Delightful’s stunning restaurant with breathtaking views sits eighty guests and the in house catering would be my first choice.  Marc has perfected the art of wood fired pizza and Sarah is a master in the kitchen, her knockout desserts often showcase their abundant garden produce.  Covered in home grown berries and edible flowers this is when you quite literally get to put heaven in your mouth. If you prefer to bring in your own foodies then their commercial kitchen is available for hire.

For bigger weddings why not stretch out onto their expansive lawn and dance under the stars. With a purpose built concert space called the Jewel stage made from up-cycled coloured glass bottles set against a lake for a back drop this settings screams secret garden wedding. Once you have had your fun and need to lay your head on a pillow there is plenty of Air BnBs and bed and breakfast style accommodation nearby.  Onsite camping space is available for the more adventurous.


I may be a little bias to this incredible venue. Marc and Sarah have been known to throw some of the best parties back in the day. As old family friends I was one of the lucky kids whom used to run wild and free like fairies in the garden whilst our parents would get down on the dance floor at these infamous digs. Now that we are a second generation to this creative community it gives me great pleasure to see that Roisin Marc and Sarahs daughter and her partner Tane are now managing events and breathing fresh energy into this venue.

Over the Rainbow Party - Blazing Swan Fundraiser Photo credit Ren Mcgann

Over the Rainbow Party - Blazing Swan Fundraiser Photo credit Ren Mcgann

Having learnt from the best we also have been lucky enough to be involved in running a few boutique music events at The Berry Delightful. It was at one of these that I couldn’t believe that we danced on wild mint instead of lawn creating pure essential oil infused air and feasted on giant cheese platters with bowls of fresh Pecans which fell directly from the shady trees above where we sat. As If that wasn’t enough my friends young son ( third generation in the making ) took me by the hand and said I want to show you something magic. He led me past the lake with its pleached live pussy willow fencing and I marvelled at the view across the hill. Shining on over the valley is 1000 red and white roses. Surely is where the fairy tale Snow white and Rose Red came from? This way he says….this is where the real magic is........

The lovely Roisin in the Elderflower hedge tunnel

The lovely Roisin in the Elderflower hedge tunnel

I follow him though the produce gardens which are overflowing with fuschia’s that look like princesses’ dancing , dahlias as big as plates and poppies happily bobbing in the breeze. The florist in me has my eyes bulging. My heart is beating in time with the humming army of bees also transfixed by their beauty.  When we reach our destination, the pièce de résistance my breath is taken away. There stands a White Shahtoot Mulberry Tree with what appears to be hundreds of Monarch Butterflies dancing all around it. They are all having a party getting drunk on the sweet nectar. They sure know this is the place to be. As I stood sipping the farms signature sweet home made elderflower cordial splashed in champagne I can also confirm this place is really what dreams are made of.


You would struggle to find a more romantic setting if you searched all the lands.

Heaven is just..........