About Us


We’re Jeremy & Lara Bos

This is our Story

We live in the misty hills of Balingup with our six year old fur baby ridgeback/mastiff Penny Lane. Currently we have a pretty unhealthy work life balance as we strike to deliver the best events in the south west. Luckily we do what we love & love what we do Our passion gives us the strength to work round the clock.

The crazy adventure into our own events business began like so many others with our own wedding. Our ' Carnival of Love" which had 180 guests in a big top circus tent at our local Tree Park. It was a nothing short of epic. Our first of three honeymoons involved a five day party with 50 of our guest from all over the world at the infamous Wave Studio in Injidup. Directly after this we headed to the inaugural Blazing Swan which is a Western Australian Burning Man event for our second honeymoon. Our final honeymoon was three months overseas which started in Morocco and finished in the Maldives.

Happily in love we are so grateful to be able to say that our honeymoon still isn't over. Complete opposites we make a complimentary team doing what we love. Jeremy is a strong organised 'lion' and passionate DJ whom loves lighting up events with sexy lights and music. Lara is a chaotic creative who cant decide if her spirit animal is a "bower bird" or a " decorator crab".

Together working alongside our epic team we are spend half our life on the road working events and often feel like a circus. Even though it’s fun we take our work very seriously. Whether it’s a festival wedding or corporate booking we put full heart & soul into every single event.

With our sights high on the horizon - we plan to take BOS international in the next coming years. We love the wild ride and cant see ourselves getting off this rollercoaster anytime soon.

Thanks for taking the time to read about us. Please get in touch and say Hi, coz we really cant wait to event with you!