Stretch Tents

Welcome to the exciting world of Stretch Tents and Canopies. Developed in South Africa and now transforming outdoor spaces all over the world, this is an event structure solution like no other.


The tents are incredibly versatile, they can be installed in countless configurations to suit your needs, whether you want an enclosed space to shield from the wind and rain or a breezy open space to create shade and allow breeze on hot summer days. Unlike most marquees they are not limited to flat and level surfaces. The fabrics block out UV, are 100% waterproof, fire retardant and engineer certified. 


Stretch tents have a festive, carnival-like appearance from the outside, once inside you’re greeted by a warm, flowing ambience with no need for additional drapes or fabrics to hide the sharp, sterile lines of traditional marquees. They also possess excellent natural acoustic properties making them outstanding for bands and DJs alike.




Red 10m x 12m

Vibrant and fun, this tent can seat 50 people or host up to 80 guests for a cocktail style event. Ideal for a Bar Tent, DJ and dancefloor, Stage or corporate function.


Chino 10m x 15m

Great medium sized tent for all occasions. Seats 65 people or 100 guests cocktail style. 


Chino 20m x 15m

Warm and sophisticated, this is a classic “Wedding Tent” ideal for 100 – 120 seated guests with room for buffet, dancing and a dj.


For even larger events the tents can combine together in many different configurations incorporating your bar, DJ, dancefloor and food service area all in the same space. 


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